Balwyn Cosmetic Services – Anti-Wrinkle Injection, Cellulite Reduction, Laser Hair Removal

With each of us running such busy lives, how can we possible carve out a window for ourselves to focus on some much-needed self-care? Running between workplaces, family commitments, exercise – after a while, we can begin to feel like exhausted shells of our younger selves. What’s worse is when it begins to show.

The specialists at Sky Skin studio understand this, as well as appreciate that, in helping our Balwyn clients feel their best, we need to help them create the appearance that reflects who they are inside. Its why we offer comprehensive consultations before moving forward with any procedure. We want to understand your unique position in life, to help develop the appropriate cosmetic offerings, including:

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State of the Art Technology for Microdermabrasion, Cellulite Reduction & More

When you decide to proceed with a cosmetic procedure, it is important that you trust you are receiving appropriate care with the latest in technology and processes. Sky Skin is proud to invest in leading technology and training to deliver our services. This includes the Velashape III, Nordlys and MicroPlus+ from Candela and ASAP for our services body shaping (cellulite reduction), and skin and laser procedures, such as skin needling, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, and anti-wrinkle injections.

Free Initial Consultation for Balwyn Residents

Ready to move forward and live in Balwyn, Doncaster, Mont Albert, Blackburn, Templestowe or the wider Melbourne suburbs? Please feel encouraged to get in touch with Sky Skin’s experienced specialists for a free consultation today. There you can gain more clarity on whether you’re in need of skin needling and microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, cellulite reduction, anti-wrinkle injections, or any of our other services. You can reach us by calling us directly on (03) 9999 1516, sending us an email at, or leaving your information on our simple enquiry form, and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.