IPL Pigmentation Reduction

Pigmented lesions like frekles and solar lentigines are simply caused by increasing melanin deposition in the superficial layers of skin. They can vary in size, shape and color. High concentrations of melanin can be due to various factors. Some types are present at birth, but most occur with age or commonly as a result of overexposure to the sun’s damaging rays.

Skin pigmentation treatment can be performed on the face, hands and the body. The darker the freckles/sun spots, the better the visible results from the first treatment. Lighter pigmentation is located deeper in the dermis so requires more treatment.

In our experience each skin needs a personalised strategy to address its conditions. In SKY SKIN we offer solution for pigmented lesions. We use Ellipse IPL treatment which works by directing well controled pulses of light in to upper skin layer. This light is absorbed by melanin in the pigmented area. Melanin converts light to heat which is used to destroy the parts of the cells in which the melanin is stored. This technique is called "Selective Photothermolysis". It is a simple treatment , without damageing surrounding tissue and does not interfer with daily normal routne.

1-4 monthly treatments may be required.