Scar is a fibrous tissue which commonly caused by accident, surgery or disease and it is the result of normal healing process that repair the skin. In normal tissue the collagen fibers are placed randomly whereas they become cross-link in scar tissue. This skin is of an inferior quality and is extra sensitive to UV light . Hair follicles and sweat glands do not grow back in scar tissue.

We undrestand every skin is uniqe and needs uniqe strategies to achieve results. In Sky Skin we use the latest IPL technology with "Selective Photothermolysis” technique (Nordlys) for red scars tratments and Frax non-ablative fractional laser for colourless scars (old scars) . Many patients benefit from a combination treatment of Ellips IPL and non ablative fractional treatment. It is a simple treatment without damaging surronding tissue and does not interfer with normal daily routine.